About Us

We are a team of people obsessed with the idea of bringing into human life stylish and useful things that motivate self-improvement. Our passion is to create and select unusual interior and home decor items.
Every time we select our products, we carefully check all the details, whether it's design, usability, or packaging. We want our customers to enjoy the everyday use of our products.
Our first choice fell on the incredible brand MiMi Innovations, specializing in the world's best wooden maps, which have become a bestseller in 30 countries. We are pleased to offer you a variety of options for these maps, including True Puzzle, which have no analogues in the world. In True Puzzle you are about to collect a whole world using pieces in shapes of real countries and provinces. It turning the knowledge of the world into an exciting experience for family and loved ones.
We will be happy if you recommend us new incredible products that we can add to our catalog and make available to customers in North America.

Please send your ideas to Support@homizmo.com and we are happy to consider them.